2Dance / 2 study days per week, 4 techniques, 5 workshops

The program everyone was waiting for - 2Dance

2 study days per week, 4 techniques, 5 workshops The program deals with a variety of languages and combines them: contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation, contact and workshops: Hip-Hop, African dance, oriental dance, Acrobalance and Capoeira
The program is designed for beginners - no backround required

2Dance - dance program for beginner

Semi-annual program held twice a week where contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation,  and contact improvisation technique are studied.

The program enables the development of a wide range of physical abilities, through process work on the various dance techniques. lessons taught by an experienced team of teachers, and the curriculum emphasizing work with fun and healthy body-minding, with reference to building each student's personal ability, and emphasizing level Professional, high and challenging.
Along with the learning process of each participant, we also emphasize the creation of a group common language, as a means of enabling exploration, progress, richer learning from teamwork and receiving support.

During the year, there will be 3 concentrated study days on Friday mornings, where participants will experience the enrichment workshops in the fields - Hip-hop,  African dance, Oriental dance, Acrobatics and Capoeira,
At the end of the course there will be an event where we will invite family and friends and share the materials we worked on in the studio.

Ballet - 1.5 hours a week
Contemporary dance - 3 hours a week
Improvement: 1.5 hours a week
Contact - 1.5 hours a week
Workshops:  -  3 Friday mornings: Hip-hop,  African dance, Oriental dance, Acrobatics and Capoeira


Student benefits:

  • Special discounts on all the activities and events that are held at the school
  • Special discounts and offers for dance shows

For more information and registration:

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Tel:+ 972 36595961 | info@hakvutza.org.il