"Hakvutza" – a home for Dance, Contact and Improvisation

"Hakvutza" ("The Group") - Is a school for movement and dance for adults. It was established in 2001 by a group of people who dreamt of dancing and created a vehicle for their dream to come true. They strove to create a professional environment that provides an entryway to the dance world for anyone who wishes to develop their skill as a dancer and choreographer, explore the body and its movement, and become fluent in the language of dance.


“Hakvutza” offers a variety of programs focusing on contemporary dance, improvisation and contact improvisation. The programs are adjusted to match different levels of experience and combine the development of physical skills with an exploration of movement qualities. The school aims to embrace the uniqueness of each student. We encourage our students to look beyond the preconceptions and clichés related to the terms "dancer" and "dancing", and to experience a new way of learning, one which is attentive to the personal needs of every individual and to the needs of the evolving group. The school is located in Tel Aviv in "The Hatikva neighborhood" .
Courses are taught in intimate and stable groups, within a professional, supportive and thoughtful learning environment. All our teachers are experienced dancers/choreographers who are active in their field. Classes are conducted in a high standard with special attention to each student's abilities. The classes are taught in English, promote a healthy approach to the body and aim to create a joyful experience. Throughout the years, we have welcomed many students from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. Some have continued to develop in the dance world, and turned dance into the center of their lives

For more information and registration: Hakvutza, 17  Khilat New York  Street St, Tel-Aviv Tel:+ 972 36595961 | info@hakvutza.org.il