Flexible day / Technique classes

For those with background in dance

The yearly program is designed for those who have dance experience and would like to improve and strengthen their physical and movement abilities in a thorough,  challenging and continues process. The program is built of three lessons of study that include three different classes. Each class is focused on developing different aspects in dance. The combination between the classes enables a comprehensive process of enhancing abilities as a dancer, strengthening the body and making it more flexible, extending the range of movement and developing a personal movement vocabulary.

- Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Repertoire
Schedule  - 16:30-18:00 ballet,  18:15-19:45  Contemporary Dance, 20:30-22:00 repertoire
Prerequisites: prior/previous experience in Classical Ballet and Modern Dance
*It is possible to register for some of the classes / or one of the days.

Open Classes

Just come and dance ;-) 

Mondays | 18:15-19:45
Contact class

Mondays | 20:00-21:30
Contemporary Dance

 There is no need in prior experience, no need to commit and no need to sign up in advance.

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