The Full Dance Program / two years program of dance studies

Make dance a way of life!

The two year dance program is designated for those who want to make dance an essential part of their lives. The program enables an in-depth and continuous process of learning while working with a steady, enriching and supporting group.

The full program is a unique opportunity for those who wish to dance as an entrance to the professional dance world or as an experience of enrichment, regardless of age, background or experience. The curriculum enables learning and experiencing various core subjects of the dance world, while developing technical abilities, researching and enhancing movement language. The classes are focused on developing and strengthening the physical abilities of the student while acquiring foundations for precise work with the body, musicality and movement in space. The subjects are learnt gradually and in-depth whilst gaining familiarity with the anatomic structure of the body, building muscle, developing flexibility, enhancing coordination, working with a partner or a group. The learning process exposes the students to different sources of inspiration and encourages them to look more broadly at terms such as "dance" and "dancer". Throughout their studies the students research, explore movement and body thoroughly, enhancing and expanding their physical capabilities, establishing a unique character a dancer and as a creator.

In the second year the student continue to develop and expand their range of technical abilities, dive into fields of composition and creation. The highlight of the process is an evening in which the students perform their own pieces of work. The students create their pieces throughout the year with the guidance of a leading choreographer as part of  creation and performance  studies. After the completion of studies students receive a Diploma, which attests to the fact that they have completed the Full Program at “Hakvutza”.

 A variety of courses:
Modern Dance, Classical Ballet, Contact Improvisation Improvisation, Yoga, Enrichment workshops

Scope of study:

October to June 792 academic hours
Group A : Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday  9 AM to 4 PM

Group B: Monday, Wednesday , Thursday


It is necessary to undergo a ‘Compatibility Interview’, to be held with the school’s Artistic Director.

Student benefits:

  • Special discounts on all the activities and events that are held at the school
  • Special discounts and offers for dance shows

For more information and registration:

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