Annual and semester courses:

Contemporary dance, contact & improvisation

On this page we have gathered information about courses in dance that are about to open soon It is important to mention that for each course we hold a free introductory lesson. In the introductory class you can try and dance, get to know the teachers, and the school.

Full program – two year program of dance studies
The two year dance program is designated for those who want to make dance an essential part of their lives.
The full program is a unique opportunity for those who wish to dance as an entrance to the professional dance world or as an experience of enrichment, regardless of age, background or experience. Learn more >>>

Contemporary dance course for beginnersComing soon ! Spring  semestar
Contemporary Dance for Beginners
The course provides tools and basic principles in Contemporary Dance while putting an emphasis on correct and healthy body work, improving flexibility, strength and flowing movement in space.
3/5/18-6/9/18 | Thursdays |  6:30 PM -09:30 PM .
Free introductory lesson 3.5.18 at 6:30 PM


Open Classes

Just come and dance :-)

Mondays | 18:15-19:45
Contact class

Mondays | 20:00-21:30
Contemporary Dance
 There is no need in prior experience, no need to commit and no need to sign up in advance.